Friday, July 20, 2012

Lying Low

DAYS 14 and 15: Well, yesterday and today I haven't done much. Wednesday night I had a terrible night, not much sleep. Something was going on with my body but I couldn't figure out what. Thursday I was wiped out, light-headed, etc. At first we speculated that it was a reaction to the altitude (5640ft.), but I finally decided it might be an allergic reaction to something, who knows what? So I took a Claritin tablet and pretty soon I was feeling better. I had a better night last night and today have felt fairly normal. We just took a little walk uphill - and that went ok. It is still hot - in the 90's - but it does cool down at night and of course the humidity is low. Despite not feeling like fighting dragons, I have been able to get some work done on my project of transcribing the Tolles manuscript. I've finished two chapters now, a total of 113 pages in the original MS. It is very interesting, and amazingly, in the chapter on the Virginia colony I learned a lot about the background of my own ancestors - the Persons family line - who emigrated to Virginia in the 1650's and were yeoman planters who were involved in "Bacon's Rebellion" -- a revolt of dissatisfied smaller planters against Governor Berkeley. How neat is that? We have two more days here, and then we're doing our annual loop to Boise, ID and Salem, OR, starting next Monday.

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