Saturday, July 7, 2012

A hot day

DAY 2: It was HOT today in Swarthmore, PA. I was up at about 5:30a.m. and took a walk- it was pleasant then. But by mid-morning it was over 100 degrees and humid. We went to the Post Office to mail some things and then decided to go to the movies. We saw To Rome with Love - Woody Allen's latest. It's a farce, but fun, and great scenes of Rome. When we came out from the theater, the car was in full sun and had been closed up. It must have been 120 degrees inside! But it cooled down pretty fast with AC and we drove to Sarah and Harry's. They had AC in their bedroom, so we sat in there and talked and even had supper there. Good visit. Now, back at Wallace's, it more moderate. I think it supposed to rain tomorrow and maybe that will bring relief. But we'll be in the car most of the day.

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