Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Boise-Salem Loop

DAYS 16-20: At the moment we are in Boise, ID. We left Alpine Monday noon or so, arrived here Monday at about 7 in time for supper with Susan and Christian, a lovely meal of delicious beets, salad and grilled sausage. Yesterday was a full day - Ellen and I met with a group of Boise Hospice Singers folks - about 16 or so - and led an informal workshop - our 4th annual workshop with them! There is always more to talk about as a group evolves. Then in the evening we went to the Idaho Shakespeare Festival performance of Moliere's The Imaginary Invalid. This was not a traditional performance in any way - it was creative, bizarre, over-the-top in many respects, but quite memorable. That was preceded by a little picnic on the theater grounds. On our trip over to Boise on Monday I once again read aloud from William James' The Varieties of Religious Experience which we are finding to be a fascinating book. I picked it off the shelf just as we were leaving Vermont and I'm glad I did. Last Sunday we went to the United Church of Star Valley, and found that the pastor was on vacation, and no one filled in with a sermon. So it was a short service. But on Monday we listened to a tape of a Guilford service from July, 1995 and that was wonderful in every way. Shirley's children's story was What the Angelic Lobster Taught, which Peter Amidon had just told at the Memorial celebration last May 26th when I released I Invite the Children to Come Forward, so we got to hear the full service: Shirley's sermon on Heaven - which was a really good sermon, and a men's choir singing a lovely arrangement of Shall We Gather At the River? What a treasure those tapes are! Tomorrow we'll head for Salem, OR and be there a couple of days.

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