Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Arrived safe and sound

DAY 13: We have arrived in Alpine, WY. We got here a little before Paul returned from work and also before Jenny and Max got home from work and day care, respectively. So we sat on the swing on the porch and just enjoyed the cooler, drier air. Our trip today began in Riverton. The Motel 6 room was a change from what we have had thus far - much more modern and spare in design than Super 8, although it had all the amenities. We liked it. We walked all around downtown Riverton looking for a place to have breakfast, and finally found the Cove Restaurant.  It was only a block from the motel - we had come the long way round. I'd give it a "B-."

The drive from Riverton to Alpine starts out in pretty flat, bleak country, but that changes. The hills rise up, the rock turns red.
Around the Togwotee (TOE-go-tee) Pass you start getting vistas like the one on the left. Then suddenly in the distance is the Teton range, below.  One never grows tired of looking at the Tetons, even when going through a long area of road construction, as we were. When we got into Teton National Park we went to Jackson Lake Dam and found a nice, shaded picnic table where we ate out of our food box from the car. We took the scenic route along Jenny Lake and on into Jackson where we stopped for ice cream. And then it was less than an hour's drive to Alpine.

Not long after we arrived, Paul, Jenny and Max came home and there was hugging all around and a lot of catching up to do on the news. It's good to be here.

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