Friday, November 18, 2016

In Swarthmore

For the past three days, we have been in Swarthmore. It was Ellen's birthday Tuesday, and she was celebrating her birthday with friends, Wallace, Sarah and Harry. I spent Wednesday at the Friends Library working on my Tolles project, met Sarah, Wallace and Ellen at the Village Inn for lunch, and then Wed. eve I had supper with Jim and Joy Harris in Cherry Hill, NJ. Jim is Shirley's nephew, her brother Ladd's son. I had to find my way to Cherry Hill at night in the ran - thank God for my iPhone GPS function, which worked beautifully, both going over and coming back. I had  a lovely time with Jim and Joy. Jim is very much like his dad, both very good looking and very funny. Joy fixed a lovely supper. Thursday, Ellen and I went to Sarah and Harry's for breakfast, and then came back to Swarthmore in the afternoon. I went back to the Library, and actually finished up the work I needed to do there. Then I drove back to Sarah and Harry's for supper - except I ate early at the college so I could eat before 6pm to help my evening acid reflux problem - but sat in on the conversation around the supper table.

This morning Ellen went back to Sarah's because she left her wallet there while I got up and got packed. We left after 9pm and are now at IKEA where there is WiFi and Ellen is doing a bit of shopping

Sarah, Wallace and Ellen on campus after lunch

The Friends Historical Library where I have spent a lot of time! Those boxes on the table are part of the Tolles archive.

We'll be home late afternoon, and may go to see Brendon in Oliver tonight. Or we may go tomorrow night. Tomorrow is John's workshop at Hallelujah Farm on Contemplative Spirituality and the Whole Movement of Life, which is how John describes his effort to link the inner spiritual life and the outward world of nature. It will include presentations by John, periods of silence, music, and discussion. We're looking forward to it very much.

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