Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Catching up

Well, a lot has happened since last Friday!

Friday, we drove back from Swarthmore to VT, but we stopped in South Hadley Friday evening to attend a production of Oliver that had both Brendon and Savanna in it, with Katie backstage. Brendon was a member of Fagin's gang of pickpockets, and Savanna played the role of Mr. Brownlow. I got several photos, but they are on the iPhone and at the moment I am in the Subaru waiting room waiting for my car to be serviced, and I have the computer, but no phone. I'll post them later. It was a fun production - fairly stripped down, simple sets, etc. - and Brendon and Savanna were good. Oliver has great songs. Nancy and Bill Sykes were particularly strong characters in this production.

  Brendon (in red vest at left) with gang

Savanna as Mr. Brownlow, with the doctor (who pronounces Oliver a "mealy-faced boy."

The house was pretty cold when we got home late, but we warmed it up pretty fast. 

Saturday was John's workshop on Contemplative Spirituality and the Whole Movement of Life. It came off well, I felt. There was a good turnout - 18 people - and I was close to tears a good part of the day. John found a really effective combination of presenting ideas and sharing personal experiences that helped explain and illustrate the ideas. Several people expressed appreciation for the day. John himself wasn't sure if he achieved his primary purpose or got across his main message. It is a hard message to formulate in a way people can hear and take in. He was hoping for a "moment" to happen which didn't happen. But I felt people were touched by the event and it provided a lot of food for thought. I'm hoping we can do a sequel together in the spring.

I came directly from the workshop to a session at the Dummerston Church with the new minister, the Rev. Shawn Bracebridge, who was giving his candidate sermon on Sunday and meeting with committees on Saturday. The Music Committee was meeting at 4:30, so we got a chance to talk with him about music. He is a musician - he is an organist, and also has a degree in Music Therapy, which he has quite a bit of experience in both with elders and with developmentally challenged children. Shawn is very personable and made a hit with the folks in Dummerston. Sunday morning he gave a very thoughtful sermon on the story of Jesus and the Samaritan woman at the well from the Gospel of John. He took the time to really unpack the story and provide background, which I liked very much.
The congregation voted to call him following the service.

Ellen had a "Birthday Ladies"lunch after church, and while she was with her women friends, John and I had lunch together at Katy's in Putney. We had a good visit about the workshop and other things.I learned that he and Cynthia will be doing their Into the Silence service in Dummerston, on the solstice - the first time since 2013. It is a candlelight service of silence and music which they play (harp, cello and Irish whistle). It is a beautiful service and in the past, the church has been full. Since they haven't done it recently, we will need to get the word out.

I went to the pool after supper hoping to swim, but found that it closes an hour earlier on Sundays than the rest of the week, and I was too late.

Monday, I had the option of going to a workshop at the Learning Collaborative (where we go to OSHER lectures) on "computer trouble-shooting." I would have learned from it, I'm sure, but I also wasn't sure whether my specific problems would be addressed in a group setting. I also felt the need to spend some time with the Brahms Requiem, because we had a rehearsal Monday night, and I wanted to feel really on top of it. So that's what I did. I was glad i made that choice,  because we did a complete run-through at the rehearsal and I was much more prepared than usual. I think I will make an appointment at the Mac computer shop for a personal session. I do have a number of computer issues.

So here it is, Tuesday, almost noon., and my car has been in since 9 a.m., and isn't ready yet. Not a good sign!

Tonight we have River Singers. Tomorrow I have a dental appointment for a cleaning. Thursday is Thanksgiving!. We'll be at Katie & Savanna's.

Our water is still low. We have yet to have a long, soaking rain. Just showers.

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