Wednesday, November 2, 2016

A good late fall day

Today I actually got some chores done. I stored all the deck furniture in our little shed, which took a little re-arranging. I also started to buck up an ash tree that rotted at its base and fell over right near the driveway. It has a lot of good wood in it. Ellen finished her curtains for Tamar's and Mimi's bedrooms in the new house, after a lot of frustration getting them to size up correctly, and took them to Northhampton. I arranged for Calvin to pick me up to take me to a Hallowell sing at a service at the local Catholic Church, a mass for children who died this year. Ellen met us there. We have sung at this service several years, but this time it had special meaning for me.

    Late fall at 194 Prospect View Drive

          St. Michael's RC Church

Ellen and I had a concert choir rehearsal right after this service and we made it right on time. Now we are home listening  to the World Series. The Cubs have led the entire game but the Indians have just tied it 6-6 in the 8th! Horrors! 

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