Sunday, October 30, 2016

Full 24 hours!

Yesterday evening we drove down to Katie and Savanna's for supper and then watched the World Series. We were rooting for the Cubs, but they lost 7-2.

Brendon is behind that balloon. He's going to be in a production of Oliver later this month.

We got home about midnight, then got up early for a Dummerston choir rehearsal at 8:15a.m. The choir sounded great this morning. We hung around the church talking, then at noon went across the street to watch the Green Mountain Mummers do their Morris dancing and mummer's play - a very old death and resurrection tradition which is slapstick funny and mock-serious. 

Morris Dancers/mummers raise the star they just formed with their swords.

"Dr. Trump," a charlaton, trying to raise from the dead a "corpse" buried in the leaves, part of the mummers' play.

Then we dashed to Kathy and Tom's yurt for poetry group - we hadn't been for months and months. The theme today was "listening." Lots of good poems. Then we dashed from there back to the Latchis Theater to watch films on climate change, followed by discussion. One of the films was The wisdom to survive, featuring Roger Payne, Gus Speth and Eugene Friesen, among others. We collected emails of people interested in John's workshop coming up on Nov. 19th on Contemporary Spirituality and the Whole Movement of Life, then went next door to the Coop where there is WiFi and sent them all posters. We got a quick bite to eat and came back to the Latchis for Ron Howard's new film about the Beatles. Nancy Tierra joined us for that. That was fun. Then on the way out we moved against a stream of people coming in for a special showing of the Rocky Horror Picture Show, many of them in costume. 

Lining up for the Rocky Horror film

All that in 24 hours. Tomorrow we get up early to drive to Randolph, VT (about 100 minutes away) for Boundary Training for clergy, something I have to do to keep good standing as an ordained minister. Tomorrow evening I'll have a Bass Section rehearsal for the Brahms Requiem. Whew!!

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