Sunday, October 9, 2016

Busy, busy, busy

Today is cooking day. Amazingly, Ellen is preparing a full lunch for 50 people tomorrow, using our little kitchen and refrigerator. Two soups, two salads, quiches, cookies, brownies, etc. I try to keep things cleaned up, and serve as a DJ. Right now we're listening to a Mary Alice Amidon CD. It is raw and rainy outside, but we are cozy inside. I have a little fire in the wood stove, and also have the gas fire going in the fireplace. We are feeling badly for the Dummerston Pie Sale folks - this is the worst sort of weather for them because people tend to stay home. Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny but cool.

         A full frig . . .

       . . . a busy kitchen . . .

                 . . . and a full dining table.

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