Sunday, August 14, 2016

We are in Maine

Today, I got up pretty early, because my head was full of emails I needed to write, and I decided I might as well write them. Plans are well underway for Betsey's memorial service, and there are a lot of logistics relating to accommodations. Here's the story: there will be a memorial on October 8th at the Church of the Redeemer in Chestnut Hill, MA. A lot of out-of-town family plan to come, including some of the Elgin/Bartlett clan. They wanted me to scope out a motel near the church, so I did, and sent out that info. Then there will be a committal on Monday, the 10th, in Dummerston followed by a luncheon for people who knew Betsey in the Brattleboro area. For that, and for accommodations, we've turned to Hallelujah Farm Retreat in nearby Chesterfield, NH. So all that needed to get arranged and be disseminated. Then we had to pack up once again for a trip to Maine. We are having an Ellen-family get-together at Jim  and Mary's in Owl's Head. So we got ourselves ready, got on the road about noon, made some stops, including one at a WiFi hot spot to send emails, and drove to Maine. Since we never got to church, we listened to a  Guilford Church service from April, 1989 in the car - a wonderful service that was "oddly relevant," as Ellen  put it. Shirley's words reached out over 27 years and spoke to our condition. We stopped at Bob's for haddock, crab cake, slaw, fries and onion rings. On to Owl's Head, arriving at 8pm.

We are inaugurating the splendid Murphey Bed that Jim built. It is a very comfortable bed and a gorgeous piece of cabinetry. 

               The Murphey Bed closed

         Nicely balanced by springs for easy opening!

                               Ready for sleeping

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