Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Tolles family gathering

Ellen, her sister, Katie, and brother, Jim, are having some time together here in Maine at Jim and Mary's Owl's Head home. Along with Savanna, Brendon, and myself. We arrived Sunday, K,S&B arrived yesterday evening. Right after arriving, Brendon picked wildflower bouquets in the yard and presented them as "awards" to each of us, inspired, perhaps by the Olympics. Last night it rained hard and the wind blew. K,S&B are staying in a rustic little cottage right on the ocean. It must have been noisy, but it didn't prevent sleeping, I guess. 

               Folks eating, with Brendon's bouquets in foreground. 

Today it is partly sunny with occasional showers. A bit ago, Katie and Brendon were looking at the tomatoes in Mary's garden and noticed something had eaten them. Then they noticed an oddly-shaped leaf. It wasn't a leaf. It was a tomato hornworm. They can decimate a tomato crop in no time. Mary had not seen any before today. Off they came, but not before I got a picture: 

                            Tomato hornworm

Meanwhile, Brendon is putting together an elaborate contraption made in the Ukraine that Ellen bought for him at a Jackson toy store. 

                       Brendon assembling......

....and what he's assembling.

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