Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Antique cars!

The Owl's Head Transportation Museum is having an Auction of antique cars on Saturday, the 20th. They are auctioning off hundreds of antique cars, some fully restored and rare items, others more common US cars from the 1960's and 1970's. Ellen and I, and Brendon, went over to check it out. Ellen wanted some post cards. Brendon and I looked at cars. Brendon found an area where kids could work stuff, including a Model-T truck (you could sit in it, not drive it). There was an amazing array of cars there. It would be a fun auction just to watch, but we'll be home by then.

So, what would you like to bid on?

This BMW Isetta?

Or this Porche Roadster?

Or this very rare Honda "Roaster" (that's right)

Or my fave - this Model-T truck?

Brendon got to sit in a similar truck in the museum

 As a teen-ager, I worked for a farmer who owned a Model-T truck, and we rode it into town to get slop for the pigs. So I sort of remembered how it worked (the shift is in the pedals on the floor and the spark and throttle are on the wheel. The gas tank is under the passenger seat).

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