Sunday, August 11, 2013

Trip to Chicago

DAY 49: Saturday, late morning, we drove into Chicago to meet my nephew Daniel at his new condo in north Chicago near the lake. We ran into a traffic jam on the Kennedy Expressway, so it took longer than expected to get there, but we made it ok and with Dan's help found a free parking spot on the street. We saw his apartment, had lunch at the delightful Waterfront Cafe, just a few blocks from his place, and then walked around nearby Loyola University Chicago, Lakeside Campus, which is quite handsome. It was great to be with Dan and see his very nice digs! We drove back on local streets and went through some very interesting ethnic neighborhoods, for which Chicago is famous: Indian and Pakistani, Jewish, Swedish, Korean, etc. Much more interesting and pleasant than the Expressway, and faster too!

Dan's building. He's on the 7th floor, in the back.

Dan's living room

Waterfront Cafe

Dan, me and Ellen at the Cafe

The Chapel at Loyola University

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