Friday, August 9, 2013

Goodbye, Columbia

DAY 48: We're packing up and saying goodbye to our loved ones here in Columbia and heading for Bartlett, IL where we'll be back with other dear ones. Looks like we'll make a trip into Chicago tomorrow to see Daniel and his new place. We've had a lovely time here in Columbia. I spent much of the day yesterday with Katie: we had breakfast together at the Upper Crust bakery and then I did some shopping with her for her new place and got to hear all about her recent trip out East with her friend Jessica (meanwhile Ellen got to write postcards - always a welcome time). They had quite an adventure! Katie is pretty resourceful! We also heard about her four intense days working as a grip for a documentary film crew that was making an educational film dealing with the issue of bullying. She loved the experience and they loved her enthusiasm, quick learning and hard work. It was a 6am-9pm job (with breaks for meals), and she learned a lot and wants to do it again. It was under the direction of the woman who teaches film at Stephens College and Katie may be able to take a course there. In the evening we looked at her photos from the big trip east and Rob made a delicious meal of scallops, fresh corn on the cob, pea pods and salad. We also got better acquainted with Gertie (Katie's chihuahua) who is a sweet dog but also having trouble making the adjustment to a new place. Katie's housemates are having to be patient. Hope it all works out!

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