Monday, August 5, 2013


DAY 44: Today was our departure day. We've had a wonderful visit, and we said goodbye to Paul, Jenny, Christian and Susan, Max

and to Gene

and headed down the road to Fossil Butte National Monument, near Kemmerer, WY. What an amazing place. 53 million years ago, Fossil Butte

was at the bottom of a large lake. There is an 18-inch layer of sedimentary rock about halfway up this butte which contains billions of fossils. They were first noticed in the mid-19th century. Since then they have supplied paleontologists with an incredible amount of information about what is called the Green River Formation. Many are of ancient fish. I liked this one of a 53-million year old damselfly:

The Visitor's Center had an interesting and educational exhibit in which as you drove along you traveled the time from the big bang to the present - c. 13 billion years, with each major development marked by signs. As I recall, each inch = 9 million years.

After a picnic we took a Scenic Drive with spectacular views

and then took a 1.5 mile hike on the Chicken Creek trail, which went up close to the Butte.

Looking down from the Butte to the parking area where we left the car.
After Fossil Butte we drove down by Flaming Gorge - another amazing spot

We drove down an 8% grade to Vernal, UT, and then over to Craig, CO, which is where we are now, at the Elk Run Inn. 

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