Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Other things before our trip

What else happened before we left? The Asplundh Tree people came to trim around the power line. We went to hear a concert by Sam Amidon at Next Stage in Putney, and I took a hike up Black Mountain to see the laurel in bloom. Someone has built a cool rock chair at the top. I hadn't been up the mountain for a long time - my knee surgeries had sort of put a crimp in hiking. But this time I was able to hike up the trail and then come down with more rugged north side which is steep,  and there is no trail. Yay!

Sam Amidon is the son of our friends, Peter and Mary Alice Amidon. I've know him since he was a little tike. He has matured into a fabulous musician and has created his own unique sound, reinterpreting and transforming old folk songs into something magical. If you want to know more - go to his website and you can hear Sam in an interview on NPR's Morning Edition (wow!),  and also hear samples of his new album, Bright Sunny South.  The concert we went to was his album release concert. It's great!

And oh yes, we bought a new car!!!  A Subaru Impreza.  The buying part was sort of a traumatic experience for us naive folks, but we are enjoying the car. It doesn't quite feel like "us" yet, especially after years of trips in the Corolla with the front seat taken out to give me more leg room. But this car has lots of leg room as it is, and it has some features new to us - like an input port for the computer and iPod.  (It does not have a GPS however. It has Bluetooth, but our cell phone doesn't. Someday).

Mountain Laurel on Black Mountain
Aslan's Table

It is so beautiful up on the mountain!

Tree trimmers

Our new Subaru. (Subaru is the Vermont State Car!)

Up at the top of the mountain  (using delayed shutter release)

Sam Amidon in concert

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