Friday, March 29, 2013

The big organ pipe

My  brother had a large wood organ pipe in his living room. He had gotten it decades ago when his church in Elgin redid their organ and were getting rid of pipes. He used it as a sort of shelf. After his death, the apartment had to be cleaned out and the organ pipe went into his daughter, Susie's, garage. She was very eager to find a new home for it. When John heard about, his eyes lit up. It was a "D" pipe and he had been longing for a drone in "D" to use in his music-making. So....could we bring it home with us in the Subaru? I was skeptical, but willing to try. We measured the space in the Subaru and Susie went home and measured the length of the pipe - it was about 3-4 inches too long, or so it seemed (it was 6' 4 1/2" long).  But sometimes you can sort of jockey something. So Tuesday a.m., she brought it with her to breakfast - and by gosh, it fit, with a little juggling and crunching. There was room for John in the back seat and it didn't really obtrude much into the front seats (though it did a little).

Organ pipe in the Subaru
We got it home to our house without too much discomfort, and lo and behold John got it into his little Honda Civic Hatchback and got it back to his place.  Now he just has to figure out how to supply enough compressed air to it to make it speak. That will be a challenge!

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