Sunday, March 10, 2013

Homeward bound

We are in the Metropolitan Lounge in Union Station, Chicago. I'm really behind in my blog - too busy! The week in Columbia was great. Rob and Betsey really pulled out all the stops - the BB game Tuesday, great meals Wednesday (at the University Club for lunch and at home for dinner with R&B's friends as guests), sushi at a restaurant on Thursday with a symphonic concert in the evening, a trip to ST Louis Friday to hear the ST. Louis Symphony, Tarheels vs. Duke (on TV) Sat  (Tarheels lost), a number of nice walks along the way, as it turned from winter to spring In Columbia. I have lots of pics but limited time to post things. I'll get to it! Unfortunately the train doesn't  have WiFi. I'll try to  fill in all the details eventually.

The blot on all this is that back home in Vermont, our house was broken into by thieves last Tuesday, they took a number of things including a laptop computer, and they tried to steal Ellen's car but gave up because on an icy driveway -  they kept going into a snowbank! They finally abandoned the car with motor running. John found it the next day, doors open, tank empty, battery dead! Snow had obliterated all tracks. So we'll have to deal with that when we get back tomorrow. Sigh! But in every other way, it has been a great birthday week. Thank you Betsey, Rob and Katie!

We'll see Betsey and Katie in just two weeks at Stewart's memorial service in Elgin. Ellen, John and I will be driving out - it will be a great family gathering in honor of Stewart.

So - stayed tuned!

 Here's two pics randomly chosen:

A Dale Chihuly glass creation at the St. Louis University art museum

Sushi plate Thursday eve at Kampai restaurant in Columbia

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  1. Oh good lord...were in the world was Joe Gunther when you need him??