Thursday, February 17, 2011

No Problem

We're in Riverton, WY which is on the eastern side of the Wind River Range. The snow seems to have been mostly on the western side of the mountains. The road was snow-packed between Hoback Jct. and Bondurant, but then as we approach Pinedale, it was clear and dry road. Then when we turned on to WY 28 and headed to Riverton, as we came up over South Pass, there was a lot of blowing snow over the road which created some slick spots but we never felt we were slipping. We just had to stay at about 40m.p.h. So it took us about six hours to get to Riverton (normally more like a 4 1/2 hour trip or less), but it was gorgeous scenery and without incident. And that did include some stops. We could have kept going but we had made a reservation just in case we had a long, grueling trip to Riverton and wanted to stop. So we'll have a long trip tomorrow, first a four-hour trip to the Nebraska border, and then a LONG trip across Nebraska, which we intend to do on US20. But the roads should be clear and dry all the way. I'm still reading Ray Monk's Wittgenstein: The Duty of Genius out loud. It continues to be very interesting. Also, as we drove along today, we listened to Handel's Israel in Egypt an Oratorio that we are performing with the Brattleboro Concert Choir in May (and we are missing several rehearsals). It is quite a stirring work, with many wonderful choruses, but the libretto is also somewhat disconcerting because it is very triumphalist, and the "enemy" is the Egyptians. Chorus after chorus celebrates their destruction, which is out of synch with current events. I'm not sure how the revolution in Egypt is going impact on how this work will be heard and received. There may need to be some pre-concert contextualization!

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