Thursday, February 24, 2011

Home Safe

We are home in Dummerston, safe and sound and deeply grateful. We arrived home about 9p.m. Wednesday night (2/23). My son John had come in earlier to build a fire in our new wood stove, so we were greeted by warmth, not stone cold. That was wonderful. The lower driveway was icy so we could not get the Toyota up the driveway. We put on our Yak Tracks and walked up, dug out the Subaru and brought it down, transferred everything into it, went shopping for groceries, and finally got into bed about 11:00p.m., a bed warmed somewhat by heating pads. Today we are doing the hundred and one errands one has to do after having been away for five weeks. A storm is expected tomorrow, and Ellen has to be with the grandkids so she may go down tonight after choir rehearsal to get ahead of the storm. We send everyone our love!

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