Friday, May 4, 2018

Hilltown Grandparents Day

Today is a special day for Tamar's school - Grandparents Day. This morning we sat in on two of her classes - Humanities and Science. Now we are at a local church where in an hour, there will be a school concert. 

Tamar in her Harmony group, warming up

        The larger picture ! 

This morning, we learned that Tamar and her class had done a project creating 19th century- style newspapers. Each created one issue of a newspaper specific to a place and time. Tamar's was the Redfield Revolution. Redfield is a real town in New York. north of Syracuse, but the newspaper name is fictional. It is dated April 12, 1855 (exactly 6 years before the firing on Fort Sumpter). Tamar had to research and write five articles on issues important to that place and time, like slavery and the Underground Railroad . 

     Tamar's Redfield Revolution 

In science, they were studying the 
"Cartesian Diver" phenomenon  which is all about density and bouyancy . Look it up!

   Tamar and her grandmother Doris examining the Cartesian diver.

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