Thursday, March 8, 2018


We had a snow storm yesterday which cancelled our usual Wednesday eve Concert  choir rehearsal. We went out earlier in the day - I went to the landfill with recycle stuff and to the pool - but after about 3pm we just stayed home by the fire. It was great! In the evening we watched a movie: Northern Borders, a Jay Craven adaptation of yet another Howard Frank Mosher novel we are reading. We haven't finished the book yet, but it was clear that like Stranger in the Kingdom, Craven had taken significant liberties in his screenplay which changed the tone of the book and affected how you felt about key characters. But it was still an intriguing movie in its own right.

Ellen took some photos of the snow out the windows this morning:

      Looking north out the front

 Out the bedroom window looking west 

           Out the back window

   Out the kitchen window looking east

Last Saturday, John demonstrated his shruti  box, which is a drone instrument used in Indian music. Normally, one holds it in the lap and operates it with a hand, and sings with it. John wants to play the whistle with it, requiring two hands. So he fashioned a foot pedal to control it.  It sounds great! 

John playing the whistle using the shruti drone box. 

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