Monday, August 21, 2017

A successful eclipse!

Everything has gone beautifully so far for the eclipse trip. The sky was hazy but the sun was visible and we got a clear view of the corona during totality. We had a great spot at Betsey's tree from which to watch. The park around us was lovely, there were lots of other people around but not too many. A wedding took place near us during the eclipse - that was cool. A running friend of Betsey's, Denise, joined us at the tree - she had helped select it. Our car was parked nearby so we had our cooler with food and drinks. There were rest rooms nearby. Our solar glasses worked beautifully. We got good photos. Earlier this morning, after we had parked the car, we walked about 3/4 of a mile downtown to Cafe Berln and had a really good breakfast, with plenty of time to walk back before the start of the eclipse. We slept well last  night; the Norgaards were wonderful hosts; we met Marty and Clark at supper last evening - they knew Betsey well through a book group they were in together. Now we are heading to St. Louis. Some traffic but not bad. The forecasted gridlock never occurred. So- perfect!

       Moments before totality

     Denise and Katie

         At Betsey's tree

      Eclipse viewers

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