Monday, February 17, 2014


Well, here I am, sort of stuck in the Subaru waiting room while they do a 4-hour, 30,000-mile maintenance on our "new" Impreza. Not sure why it will take so long. Ellen is on a trip to fabric and yarn stores in Center Harbor, NH today, with two gal friends, so she's having fun!  Actually, I'm not really "stuck"  here - I can go for a walk anytime! And of course, I have internet access, which is unusual;  thus, this post!

This past weekend was our "Divine Chemistry" event - we recorded all day Saturday and gave a concert yesterday afternoon. The concert, in Centre Church, Brattleboro, was very enjoyable from my side of the event - and the audience, which filled the church, was very enthusiastic in its response. The recording day, I did not feel quite up to par, so that was more exhausting for me personally. I hope Susan and Paul Dedell get a good CD out of it. Recordings can be cruel.

Yesterday, I led the Guilford Church Choir, something I do not normally do, but all the usual leaders were unavailable. I love leading a choir, and I got some nice comments on the music. Tonight is a Dummerston Choir rehearsal. So these three days are music-filled days. Tomorrow we'll have lunch with John & Cynthia at their place - that will be really nice. Wednesday we hope to spend some time with Mary Anderson-Nissen in Manchester, VT. Friday we start on our trip.  I am very much looking forward to the trip - it will have a lot of discovery in it.

We've had a lot of snow, and more is coming tomorrow. It has also been steadily very cold. But our wood supply has held up well, Zac is plowing our road well, so we are actually pretty fortunate and I have enjoyed the winter. My only regret is that it has been too cold to do any snowshoeing. But maybe later today I can go out for just a bit -  it is in the 20's today.

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