Sunday, February 23, 2014

In Oberlin

DAY THREE: We had a fairly leisurely morning at Wallace's - I working on this blog and Ellen her "snail blog"-  and got on the road at about noon. We drove back to the pothole we hit last night, but there was no sign of the cowling that dropped off  - though the area around the pothole was a graveyard for several hubcaps! Then I realized that the cowling is missing from the left side, whereas we hit the pothole with the right front wheel. So maybe we lost it elsewhere. Anyway, it's gone, and I don't want to think about what a replacement will probably cost.

What's missing from the front bumper.
We drove the Pennsylvania Turnpike from north of Swarthmore to the Ohio border, and then I-76 and I-80 to just north of Oberlin. There was a stretch of bad weather - fog and snow - but it didn't last. Mostly it was fine. We came down to Oberlin and had a late supper at our favorite restaurant, the Aladdin Eatery, and then came to a Days Inn just a few miles north of Oberlin in Amherst, OH, where we are now. We're meeting Arthur Davis for breakfast back in Oberlin at 8:30 tomorrow. Arthur is a student at Oberlin and son of Andy and Robin Davis, friends back home. Tomorrow we'll drive to Bartlett, IL.

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