Sunday, August 7, 2011

Home again, home again...

DAY SEVENTY-FIVE: I guess I'll let "seventy-five" be the end of this series. I'm home now, and am already very much in a "non-trip" mode, feeling the pressures of what lies ahead. My brother, Stewart, seems to be doing pretty well in his new location. While I was there, we hosted his friend, Carol, for lunch. We figured out how to program his new answering machine (no mean feat!). I showed him how to make smoothies, and he's following up on that. Since I left he's had more visitors, went out himself to visit an old work colleague who turned out lived in the next building, has gone to his Barbershop Chorus annual Corn Boil. I've made arrangements to go back in October for the dedication of the Chicago Theological Seminary new building at the University of Chicago, and a classmate at the seminary will join me and we'll stay with Stewart. I don't think this would have happened at the old place. So, it sounds good.

I never had a chance to post a photo from our visit with Katie, Savanna and Brendan at Oxbow Lake, NY on our way home the first time (back around DAY SIXTY-EIGHT). So, here it is:

Since my return home from Stewart's, Ellen has gone to several Marlboro Music Festival rehearsals, and today, after church, we joined Katie and Savanna there for a concert of Handel, Copland and Schubert.

Now I'm getting ready to lead a service next Sunday which will celebrate the 250th anniversary of the founding of the town of Guilford. The service will feature the famous Guilford "Nine-o'-clock Choir" and the hymns of Isaac Watts. It will be a festive morning. And of course, less than two weeks down the road is the wedding of Jim Tolles and Mary Cooke in Union, Maine where Ellen will be head caterer for the reception and I'll be the officiant. Stay tuned!

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