Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Back to Vermont

DAY SEVENTY: Today is my last day here in Elgin with my brother. My niece, Becky, will pick me up late this afternoon and take me to the Elgin METRA station where I get a commuter train into Union Station in time for early boarding of the Amtrak for Albany. I hope to get a good seat. The train leaves at 10pm, arrives in Albany tomorrow at 2:45pm. Ellen will meet me there. I hope to get some sleep on the train but I'm not optimistic. I got very little coming out last Friday-Saturday.

I'm glad I came to be with Stewart during these first days in his new apartment. I'm hopeful that this will work for him but I have some concerns. He will be living alone. His kids, Becky especially, will check in on him frequently, I'm sure. I plan to call him regularly. But still... He is not sleeping well, and hasn't for years. He is extremely thin. He gets light-headed fairly easily, feels weak and tired. I'm not sure he'll eat properly alone. But, I like the apartment and he seems to also. It's in a pleasant neighborhood. It seems pretty quiet. It is not too far from all the familiar things. It could be a new start for him. I hope so!

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