Saturday, June 25, 2011

Trip to the Park

DAY THIRTY-TWO: Today has been a quiet day so far. I've discovered the Epsom, NH Genealogy Website where there is a lot of information about Shirley's family that I do not have - somebody has traced back her Langley and Locke ancestors much farther than we had information on. But they also were lacking some things that I have - like photos and more detailed biographical data. So I've been sending them information. I'm taking advantage of having WiFi at the house! Today is also my brother Stewart's 84th birthday! Happy Birthday Stewart!

DAY THIRTY-ONE: Friday we went with Max over to Idaho Falls, which is about a 70 mile trip. Ellen needed to go to her bank, and the closest branch is in Idaho Falls, but we decided to make an outing of it. We took Max so that he could enjoy playing at the playground in Tautphaus Park. This is the same park where the zoo is that we visited a couple of weeks ago. The drive over to Idaho Falls is beautiful, and it was a gorgeous day, balmy and sunny. Max took a nap much of the way, but woke up when we had to stop for construction and the last ten miles were noisy with the sound of loose stone hitting the underside of the car, due to a new road surface.

While Ellen did her bank business, Max and I hung out at a small city park nearby, where we shared the playground equipment with a playschool class. Max was fascinated with them. Then we headed over to Tautphaus Park where there was an abundance of playgrounds. Max had a wonderful afternoon trying out a variety of slides, climbing equipment, swings, etc. I was sent on a mission to find lunch food, and when I came back, we had a little picnic under a tree. Nearby was an elaborate skateboard facility which was being used by a large gathering of teen-age boys. Max loved watching them! As did we - they were good!


Then it was time to go home and we had a lovely drive back; Max took another nap in his car seat. We had a nice supper on the deck, prepared by Jenny, and watched the Friday evening news for a bit. Today (June 24th) is Betsey's birthday. Happy Birthday Betsey!

Here are a couple of photos from Thursday's trip to Teton National Park:

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