Saturday, June 11, 2011

Alpine, WY

DAY SIXTEEN This was mostly a "get there" day. We left Green River, UT and went up through Price, UT and then over to I-15 north toward Salt Lake City. Looking at the map, I decided that SLC looked like a mess to be avoided. So as navigator I made the decision to go off I-15 at Provo and head over to Heber City, UT. It was a good decision. Provo is an attractive city and we went by the campus of Brigham Young University. The size of its football stadium was a testament to what is important there! Well, that probably isn't fair. But it is huge. Heber City is attractive too. This route took us past the entrance to Sundance, of Film Festival fame, and also this lovely Bridal Veil Falls:

Then we took I-80 up to Evanston, WY, and went north on U.S. 89 along the Wyoming-Idaho border, up to Alpine. The temperature dropped steadily as we drove along and we were surprised to discover fresh snowfall near Afton, WY -- see the photo below. We got to Alpine at about 5:20p.m. and were warmly greeted by Paul, Jenny and Max, who wasn't shy at all.

DAY SEVENTEEN Friday, we got settled in. Paul is working on a remodeling job in Jackson, so he left early for that. Jenny took some time to go to her work place - the "ranch" where a trout fishing lodge is being built. So we had time with Max, who has grown both physically and mentally since we last saw him in February, and is still amazingly full of energy. I guess you could say he is "all boy" - e.g., anything remotely shaped like a gun becomes a gun, and he loves making explosive sounds with his mouth. He is also very loving and can melt Ellen with his "I love you, Nana!" Then in the late afternoon, after Paul returned, he and Jenny left for Pocatello, ID, and Ellen and I had charge of Max for the evening and overnight. It all went well.

DAY EIGHTEEN: We are baby-sitting Max today while Paul and Jenny are in Pocatello, ID. Paul is taking a 3-hour test this morning to obtain a General Contractor's License. He and Jenny left yesterday evening and stayed at a motel in Pocatello so he could be at the test site by 8a.m. Jenny is doing some shopping - tomorrow is Max's third birthday!

Here's Max in one of his favorite places to play: our car! All kinds of things to get into!

It has been a cold and wet spring in Alpine. We were amazed to find fresh snow on the ground as we were driving up the valley to Alpine on Thursday - it isn't like we were going over a mountain pass, where you might expect it.


We are now getting some sun - yesterday was warm and beautiful, but it gets cold at night. Good sleeping weather. Very different from the 100 degree plus weather we experienced in Arkansas and Oklahoma!

I'm gradually updating the past few days. It takes a while to upload photos and such.

We got a call from Paul: he passed the test!

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