Friday, January 7, 2011

Miracle of the Internet

Something amazing has happened which is probably not that unusual anymore but still seems remarkable to me. A woman in France was cleaning out the home of her aunt who had passed away in a village in Normandy, and she came upon a WW II U.S. Army/Navy Prayer Book/Hymnal. Inside the front cover was an inscription: Rev. Barney C. Crockett, with an address in Minneapolis, and a line that said in French: "write after the war." To make a long story short,she put out a request for information about this Barney Crockett which eventually found me, mainly through networks. I responded that Barney Crockett was my father, and in due time I received the prayerbook in the mail. It prompted me to research where my dad actually was in Normandy and I found a fair amount of information and some photos. He was mainly north of St. Lo in the village of Cartigny l'Epinay, on the grounds of a chateau belonging to a M. Pagny. I have photos of the chateau, and what I think is M. Pagny's daughter, plus some group shots in front of the chateau and some of dad. I will post these photos later. I still have to learn if the woman who found the book has any connection with M. Pagny. But what a small world we now live in!

Photo 1 below is my father, Chaplain Barney C. Crockett
Photo 2 is the chateau belonging to M. Pagny near Cartigny l'Epinay

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