Friday, January 21, 2011

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

We're near Lodi, OH this morning, having spent the night in a Super 8, snug and warm while the snow fell outside. We traveled from Swarthmore, PA yesterday, the second leg of our January-February western trip.We got off to sort of a late start from home on Wednesday -- Ellen had a new clutch put into the Corolla -- the original clutch lasted for over 310,000 miles! - but we couldn't pick up the car until Wed a.m. because of snow. So we left home after noon, but still got to Swarthmore by 7p.m., where Wallace Ayres hosted us in her lovely home. Thursday we went along the PA Turnpike all the way to OH and then on I-76 to the motel. It started snowing lightly by about 4p.m., and by 7p.m. was getting pretty slick -- Ellen was glad to stop. Today it is sunny and it should be ok driving to Bartlett, IL. Monday we're going to Columbia, MO and it looks like there may be snow showers then too, but after that it looks like clear sailing to WY. Yesterday I worked on a mailing to my "annuitants" in the car -- I am what is called the Annuitant Visitor for the Pension Board of the United Church of Christ, which means I keep in touch with 45 or so retired UCC clergy in Vermont. I should be able to finish up that mailing today and get it in the mail. I also read aloud from our biography of Ludwig Wittgenstein, which we read only in the car on a trip. We've been working on it over a year. What a complex and fascinating person, mostly misunderstood. His philosophical work was sort of the end of philosophy in a way, and no one, especially his philosopher friends (like Bertrand Russell) really wanted to hear that. People have taken from him what they have wanted to hear, but he himself tried in both his thought and his personal life to be scrupulously honest, which was not an easy thing for him or his friends. There is much in him to be admired.

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