Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Beautiful Day

Yesterday was a beautiful day. Ellen and I got up early and watched the US-Algeria soccer game in the World Cup competition - an exciting game which was tied 0-0 until the second minute of overtime when the U.S. scored a goal and thus not only won the game but won their group of four and will advance to the "Sweet Sixteen." Then we took off for Teton National Park, and hiked the Two Oceans trail. We didn't do the whole trail, but we did about 4 1/2 miles r.t., which is about the most I've done in one spurt since my knee surgery last fall, and it was fine. Then we went on a 2-hour float down the Snake River in a raft, which was wonderful. The river was pretty full, but there were no real rapids. We saw an eaglet sitting in its nest, a couple of beavers, blue herons, but no moose, elk or bear. What we saw a lot of were trees uprooted by heavy spring rains and deposited in and alongside the river, which made it interesting for our raft guide. After the float we ate a hearty meal at Dornan's Chuckwagon -- outdoor dining with a magnificent view of the Cathedral Range. All in all a splendid day.

Otherwise, we have had a wonderful visit with Paul and Jenny and have really enjoyed Max. We will really miss being with him every day and watching him grow. His verbal and physical development has been amazing in the time we have been here, and he is the sweetest little guy imaginable!

Friday we will head to Yellowstone where we will spend two nights, then on to Columbia, MO, and while there we'll visit SEMO (Southeast Missouri State University) in Cape Girardeau, MO -- where Katie is matriculating in the fall. That will be a very interesting day trip. Then back through Bartlett, IL for another little visit with my brother and at least some of the Crockett clan in the Chicago area, and from thence -- back east. I hope to be able to do another post before we get home.

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