Monday, June 28, 2010

Another beautiful day

 Bull elk in Yellowstone

We're in Worland, WY this morning, in a Super 8 motel that has WiFi. Over the weekend we were in Yellowstone Park where there was no WiFI, no cell phone -- kind of nice! We spent two nights at one of our favorite places - Roosevelt Lodge -- rustic little cabins at the entrance to the Lamar Valley -- a very beautiful place. Yesterday was very special, which included a lovely 4-mile r.t. hike up the Slough Creek Trail off Lamar Valley Road, which involved both a steep ascent and descent -- which my knee handled very well. Then after we left the park we drove down the Chief Joseph Scenic Drive from Cooke City, MT to Cody, WY - what an incredible highway! Breathtaking views on a highway commemorating one of the greatest Native-American leaders, and a very shameful chapter in U.S. history. Our weekend in Yellowstone was filled with sightings of wildlife: a grizzly, black bears, an elk with the hugest rack I've ever seen (who crossed the road right in front of the car!), foxes, a coyote, lots of bison and calves, pronghorns with fawns, many birds (particularly close encounters with a Western Tanager and a Yellow-headed blackbird), and an abundance of wildflowers.
 Lanceleaved Stonecrop

 Parry's Townsendia

Tomorrow night we'll be in Columbia, MO. More later!

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