Friday, December 23, 2016

Almost Christmas Eve

Ellen and I are home after a long, full day. We have our tree up and the lights on it .
We are listening to Christmas anthems. 

We got our tree precut at the local tree farm - Elysian Fields. We usually cut our own, but no time for that this year! But we like it. It is smaller than usual, but very shapely. 

This evening was the Dummerston choir rehearsal for Christmas Eve. I think it went well, tho our soloist for "Once in Royal David's City" was quite unsure of the melody. Before that, a smaller group of us caroled four "shut-ins," all of whom really appreciated our coming. Ellen fixed some mulligatawny soup for the carolers which we ate at the church since we were on a tight schedule. Ellen had gone down to Hilltown school earlier in the day to see Tamar in their solstice program, which she said was very nice. Then she met us at a nursing home in Brattleboro where we had our first carol sing. Calvin picked me up for that since Ellen had the car. While she was in Northhampton, I stayed home to do cleaning and washing and put on the tree lights. John came over - he picked up our winter CSA today since we couldn't - and we had a bit of lunch together and talked. He and Cynthia played their exquisitely beautiful "Into the Silence" service Wednesday eve. I thought it was magical but there was a lot about it that John was not happy about. So we talked about that. I hope they do it next year because I feel it is unique and very beautiful. But I can see that it is a lot of work for them and they usually don't have time to rehearse properly this busy time of year, which was the main problem, John felt. 

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