Saturday, August 2, 2014

More on Boulder

At the moment, I'm sitting in the Amtrak station in La Plata, MO. The train was supposed to arrive at 9:55am, but it is two hours and fifteen minutes late. I knew that it was going to be late - Amtrak sent an email. But Katie had to bring me first thing to the station because she has to drive to St. Louis, MO today to attend bachelorette party for a wedding that she will be a bridesmaid in later this month. So she needed to be on her way. But I have my computer, there is WiFi here, I have books - no problem! I was going to meet Maggie and Jerry for an early supper at Union Station between my arrival from La Plata and departure for Albany (normally a 6-hour layover), but I called them, and we've decided not to try to do it this time.

So let me fill in some of the details of my trip to Boulder, First, some additional scenes of Rob and Betsey's house:

View from the south side

From the south-west

View with remnants of the Fourmile Canyon fire in 2010

Living room - still in relative chaos. Note wood fireplace stove

It sounds like the plan is to rent this house for a few years while they get a sense of the local real estate market. If they like it, they might stay here quite a while. The rent is a lot less than it would be in Boulder, which is quite expensive.

Thursday noon we went into Boulder to look around. We had lunch at a popular eatery, Breadworks, where we had paninas.

Breadworks Restaurant, Boulder, CO

We also walked around the U of Colorado campus. The Music Building was surrounded by construction, and Rob doesn't have keys yet, so we couldn't see his office, but we went into Mackey Auditorium where some of his College of Music rehearsals and concerts will be held:

Mackey Auditorium, University of Colorado
Thursday evening we took a short drive - about fifteen minutes - further up Sunshine Canyon Road to the little town of Gold City, where we had supper at the Gold City Inn, a rustic, quaint old log cabin with very nice meals. It is a fixed-price meal, either 3-courses or 6-courses. I choose the 3-course meal: appetizer (Mexican fish salad), entree (broiled trout) and dessert (rhubarb pie). Betsey choose the 6-course and had the same appetizer, chilled melon soup, a very nice salad, an entree of broiled salmon, dessert (flourless-chocolate cake), and cheese and fruit (a very nice assortment - all of which she shared). Katie and Rob had filet mignon. It was all very good.

Gold City Inn
The bar at Gold City Inn

At the table, Gold City Inn

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