Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Chez Shay

I'm in Boulder, CO at Betsey and Rob's rental house, which is in Sunshine Canyon, about 15 minutes west of Boulder. This canyon was seriously affected by the Fourmile Canyon Forest Fire in September of 2010. Some 170 homes were destroyed in that fire, including a log cabin on the site of Betsey and Rob's house, which was built after the fire in 2012. Insurance claims following the fire totaled $217 million, making it the largest fire in CO history in terms of claims. Evidence of the fire can still be seen around their house - blackened trees, etc.

Rob and Betsey's house in Sunshine Canyon
 Today I have been helping with unpacking, mainly with books. I schlepp, Betsey sorts and Rob shelves. There is still a lot of work to do. But my bedroom looks very nice, and the bed is the one I am accustomed to sleeping in at Columbia - it is an antique bird's eye maple spool bed handed down from Shirley's Townsend Family relatives in New Hampshire.

My bedroom
Today is pretty socked in, so the views are limited - hopefully tomorrow will be better for picture-taking. But here are some views:

View from my balcony

Rob in the kitchen

View from the west window
 The setting is pretty spectacular. It will be very different living for them - especially in the winter!

Moving books, I made a concerted effort not to look at what I was moving - too distracting. But a wonderful book about the Marlboro Music Festival's early days surfaced, and I found this delightful photo of very youthful James Levine and Van Cliburne playing a piano duet:

James Levine and Van Cliburne
Here's what we accomplished today - in part:


A feeling of accomplishment!

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