Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Kaufmann Performing Arts Center

DAY FORTY-THREE: On Saturday, we went with Rob, Betsey and Katie to Kansas City for a concert featuring the Missouri University Singers, which Katie is a member of. The concert was held at a stunning place, the Kaufmann Performng Arts  Center.  When you first see it, you can only say, "WOW!"

The Center as seen from the lobby of the auditorium across the way
The other side. It's spectacular any way you look at it

It's beautiful inside too
 There was a reception before the concert and we were entertained by the marvelous music of the Mizzou Steel Band.

The Mizzou Steel Band

Seen from an upper level

The amazing view of the Kansas City skyline from the lobby

Then we went inside the recital hall. Another WOW!

Rob, as Director of the School of Music, greeted the audience, many of whom were supporters of the School and alums.

Rob onstage
The University Singers gave a beautiful concert
Then they set up for the Mizzou Wind Ensemble, who also gave a great performance
When we came out we saw Kansas City by night
And a good time was had by all!

Rob, Betsey, Katie, Larry and Ellen

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