Sunday, November 3, 2013

Another concert

Today, Sunday, Katie was in her third concert of the weekend - actually the fourth if you count her church singing job this morning. No one told me about that until after the fact, so I didn't get to hear her choir. But this afternoon she was in a concert of the University Singers, the top choral group in the Department of Music at University of Missouri, Paul Crabb, conductor.  It was held at First Baptist Church in Columbia, the usual venue for this group. The church has a good acoustic for a chamber choir. It was a wonderfully diverse and demanding concert. Here is the program:

     Cecilia Lied                        Dirk Janszoon Sweelinck

     Laudate Dominum                           Josef Rheinberger

     Hymn to St. Cecelia                           Benjamin Britten
                                                        Poetry by W.H. Auden


     You Are the Music                                       Dan Forrest
                                                        Poetry by Amy Lowell

     O lux beata Trinitas                                 Ko Matsushita

     Resurget                                                   Steven Hirner
                                                a student in the Music Dept.

      The Dream Keeper                               William Averitt
                                                 Poetry by Langston Hughes

The only familiar piece in this concert for me was the Britten, which I had sung a couple of decades ago. The pieces after the intermission were all contemporary, and some were very difficult. The group performed at a very high level. It's really great that Katie gets to sing in a choral group of this caliber.  I think she is getting some really good training and experience at Mizzou, judging from this weekend. Next spring,  Katie already knows she will have an important role in a full opera, The Crucible, by the 20th century composer, Robert Ward (based on the play by Arthur Miller). She will sing the role of Tituba, the African slave who is accused of witchcraft by the girls. Can't wait to see and hear that! It will be in March, 2014.

Before the concert we all went out to eat at Le Bourgeoise Restaurant in Rocheport, MO, which is on the Missouri River.  The last time I ate there, Katie had just graduated from high school! Almost four years ago - May, 2000. The food is very good, and the setting is spectacular.

After the concert, Rob, Betsey and I came home while Katie was initiated into Sigma Alpha Iota, a music sorority.  Katie came by later in the evening to say goodbye and pick up Gertie (her chihuahua, which Betsey was taking care of during this very busy weekend.)  A good weekend!!

Tomorrow morning, fairly early, Betsey will take me back up to La Plata, MO where I'll get the 9:55am train to Chicago. I hope to meet Maggie and Jerry at Union Station in the late afternoon and have supper before I get on the train to Albany, which leaves at 9:30pm.  With luck I'll be in Albany by 3pm on Tuesday, or thereabouts, in time to make it to River Singers rehearsal.

Betsey and Katie

Le Bourgeois Restaurant

The University Singers

Katie is just to the right of Paul Crabb's right hand, on top row.

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