Wednesday, January 23, 2013

St. Paul

We are in St. Paul, MN - it is COLD! Last night we delivered Cynthia's harp tp harpmaker Pat O'Loughlin in Minneapolis. It needs repairs and Pat was the original maker of the harp. Since we were going to Wyoming anyway, why not carry the harp from VT to MN?

Pat O'Loughlin, his wife and his dog - with Cynthia's harp.

So that's what we did. We'll pick it up on the way back- in what we hope will be like new condition, We're headed for Rapid City, SD today and might get to Alpine by Thursday eve, certainly by Friday, weather permitting. After delivering the harp we met our friend Arleene Sweet for supper at the Good Earth Cafe in Rosedale, MN, joined by her daughter Karen and grandson Travis. Arleene goes way back for me - to college days when she was my roommate David Sweet's girl friend, then wife. David died in 1984. Karen and her husband, Robin, both went to Lawrence where I worked back in the early 70's. I had never met Travis before - he's a handsome and talented twenty-something who works in the area of investigation of Medicare fraud. We briefly visited his very cool condo which is located about three blocks from where  went to grade school in Minneapolis, located in an refurbished Glidden Paint Factory building. Robin (who is a teacher and had to monitor a middleschool basketball.

Just got a call - my brother collapsed last night and is on life support. We're heading back to Elgin.

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