Saturday, February 4, 2012


Today we went down to Afton, about a 25-mile drive, and went to Agave, a Mexican restaurant, very good food. And then we went bowling. It was Ellen's first time bowling ever in her life! And she did well--she bowled an 85 or something like that. I bowled 110! The first time I've gone over 100 in memory (but then, I haven't bowled that much in the past 5 decades). Ellen got one strike, which helped her score a lot. Paul was second with a 95. Jenny and Max were in the 50s I think. A bunch of duffers, but it was fun. The bowling alley also has some arcade games and Paul and Max "rode the motorcycles" and "racing cars," and we played Ellen's "fave" where five alligators randomly stick their noses out of five separate caves - you have to hit them on the nose to get them to go back in. It gets fast and furious at the end.

Paul and Max on the bikes

I forgot to mention earlier that Thursday night Paul, Ellen and I played Scrabble and, wonders never cease, I won that game too. Either Ellen and Paul always win at Scrabble but I just got lucky, I guess.

And tomorrow is the big game - the Super Bowl. Ellen always makes great snacks for that.

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