Saturday, September 17, 2011

Time flies!

Well, it's been a full month or more since my last blog entry. A lot of water has gone over the dam, both literally and figuratively, since then. For one thing, it has rained and rained. That includes Tropical Storm Irene, but we got almost as much rain the next week also. I haven't seen total figures for the past month, but it has to be over 10 inches. Fortunately, our home and driveway were not damaged by all this rain, but we know folks whose houses were swept away. Towns near us, like Wilmington, were damaged terribly, the business district changed forever. The state has done a great job of getting roads open again - e.g., Route 9 is open between Brattleboro and Bennington now.

Since my last blog entry Ellen and I went to Maine for her brother Jim's wedding. Jim and Mary were married in Union, ME, on Aug. 20th; Ellen was in charge of the food for the reception, while I was the officiant.I was also her helper, roasting lamb and helping schlep stuff from place to place. It was a lovely wedding, but we came home pretty tired. A week ago we went back for a couple of days to enjoy Jim's house while Jim and Mary were in London for their honeymoon. We love going to Maine.

The day after Irene, I went into my woods to inspect what the impact was of all that water that flowed down the mountain. It was impressive. But I tripped, fell on my chest and hurt my ribs - bruised probably. Anyway, it's been pretty sore. It's gradually getting better.

Everything is "starting up" again: The Concert Choir started up last Wednesday - we're doing the Salisbury Vespers by contemporary British composer Bob Chilkott. The Chorale is preparing a concert for October 2nd - a Memorial for Blanche Moyse. We're singing three Bach Cantatas: #30 Freue dich, erloster Schar, #42 Am Abend derselbige Sabbats and #147 Herz und Mund und Tat und Leben.

My grandchildren are calling. Bye for now.

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