Sunday, July 10, 2011

Horsing around

DAY FIFTY: Today the Feinlands headed back to home. They drove to Salt Lake City where they will spend tonight and fly out on an early flight in the morning for Bradley. So there were many goodbyes today. Max took it all in stride pretty well, but he did get close to a four-hour nap this afternoon. Ellen and I hung out and had a quiet day. Tomorrow, we'll head for Yellowstone.

DAY FORTY-NINE: Saturday, Ben and Miriam helped Ellen make a "cherry-berry pie."

Then Ellen suggested we all take a walk down to the horse arena, which is just down the road. It was an inspired suggestion, because it led to a wonderful experience for the girls. Inside the arena, we found a mother and daughter riding. Emma, the daughter, was practicing moves on her new horse, Kentucky. Emma is a barrel racer, which is sort of like a slalom course for horse and rider. Only fourteen years old, and she is good. Her mother, Kelly, said Emma had been riding since she was two. Kelly offered to give Tamar a ride on Choppers, the 18-year-old and very gentle old trail horse she was riding. She even put a child's saddle on Choppers so Tamar could get her feet into the stirrups. Then after several trips around the arena, she did the same for Miriam. They were both thrilled, as you can see:


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